Fusing Business and Technology

Providing world class technology solutions for businesses by fusing business process with technology; increasing revenue and reducing costs.

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We emphasize on data-first approach when building software solutions, leveraging on AI and ML.

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Web App

We build fully responsive web applications (websites) embedded with analytics touchpoints, giving your maximum insights on user actions.

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Mobile App

State of the art cross-platform mobile applications embedded with analytics to track user actions and enable top of mind communication through push notifications

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We integrate applications into existing kiosk systems providing us with more avenues for sales

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Powerful and well documented APIs capable of integrating with millions of other services without reduction in performance.

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Machine Learning

The difference between Analytics and ML is in the predictions and recommender engines, both of which we cover heavily. User churn predictions, recommender engines, sales forecast tools, etc are all provided through our ML APIs.

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We leverage on fusing analytics into all our applications. This is the bedrock of our business and we build seperate APIs to handle analytical functions.

Our Products

Our products cut across different industries and markets with razor sharp focus on increasing the revenue of our clients or reducing their costs in terms of time and money.


ERP for Cinema Exhibitors

Film X

The Digital Film Explorer for the Nigerian Film Industry


For your customer care needs


Connecting businesses with their customers through multiple channels



UI/UX. Web, API, & Mobile App development

Imperial Cinemas, Osogbo

UI/UX. Web, API, & Mobile App development

Auto Rentals

UI/UX. Web, API, & Mobile App development


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